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Below are two tracks off Matthew Wallace’s debut full-length album “Pyramids & Street Corners” as well as the newly-released holiday single, “Foggy X-Mas”.

Foggy X-Mas

Cedar Creek Lake

I’ll Come Along

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Drawing from the deep well of American Music, Matthew Wallace blends elements of Country, Folk, Rock and Roll, Gospel, and Ragtime into an intoxicating blend that can only be described as “Countredelic”. Compared to stalwarts like Waylon Jennings and Guy Clark, Wallace is steeped in the rich tradition of Texas songwriters. Born and raised in Kaufman County, TX, Matthew Wallace currently resides Hayfork, CA, where he is a key part of the burgeoning music and art scene growing in the hills of Northern California. His debut album, Pyramids & Street Corners, is now available on his website ( Follow Wallace on Instagram (@meanmattmusic) to experience the journey of a true do-it-yourself musician.
A singer, songwriter, and accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Matthew Wallace’s musical adventure is a long and winding road. Wallace grew up singing in baptist churches and playing in various orchestras and bands. After a couple of years as a music major in college, he dropped out to form a rock band in Dallas. When that didn’t pan out, he hitch-hiked across America with a backpack and a guitar, playing daily in coffee shops, bars, and on street corners. These experiences have birthed a unique outlook on life as well as a number of incredible stories that Matt shares through his songs.
After featuring not once but twice on Trinity County’s biggest stage in 2019, the Trinity County Fair, Matthew Wallace is launching himself into his next challenge: recording a solo folk record. He has chosen an old wooden shed as his muse and the Cold Shack Tapes will be coming out in the spring of 2020. A California solo tour will follow in support of the new release.

Matthew Wallace’s full-length debut album, “Pyramids & Street Corners” is now available!
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